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Caring for The Community

August 12, 2017

Community engagement is an important part of our planning approach as it allows us to understand stakeholders’ views and expectations. Community engagement is underway and will be ongoing as the development of Winton Solar Farm progresses.

FRV has completed detailed assessments of possible impacts on near neighbours such as glare and stormwater runoff during planning for the project. We are also engaging with neighbours to share information about construction as it progresses and manage any impacts wherever possible.

What about the local environment?

The endangered Regent Honeyeater is known to be present in the area. A Vegetation Protection Overlay applies onsite to protect the habitat for this species. We will preserve large remnants of native trees on the site, retain important nesting trees and avoid plantings completed by the Regent Honeyeater Project team to preserve habitat for this important species. Construction and operation of the Winton Solar Farm will have little impact on surrounding waterways.

FRV will also work in partnership with the Regent Honeyeater Project team to fund and plant more habitat corridors within the region.

Community Value

Construction of the Winton Solar Farm will bring considerable investment to the region. The solar farm will also create a new, sustainable industry that will complement the existing agricultural industry. We are keen for local business to be involved in providing a range of services such as electrical work, earthworks, transport, materials, fencing and hospitality during Winton Solar Farm’s construction and operation stages.  We will also look to provide training to local workers – especially younger workers – to ensure specialist skills developed in the course of the project’s construction stay in the area.

How can I get involved?

We are regularly in contact with residents and stakeholders. To register your interest in the project, please send us an email via the contact us page.

FRV Updates

Bernard Briggs Pre-school is expected to save around $1500 a year on electricity, thanks to some newly installed solar panels.

Benalla Hockey Club and Glenrowan Primary School have been hard at work upgrading sports equipment and school facilities. Both have been recipients of the recent Community Grants Program, with funding allocated to support community lead initiatives.


Moree Solar Farm began operations in 2016 and was the first large-scale solar project in Australia to use a single-axis tracking system.


Lilyvale Solar Farm near Emerald, Queensland (100MW)

Financial close of the Lilyvale Solar Farm was achieved during September 2017 with operations expected to commence in 2018. The project will benefit from a PPA with Ergon Energy, the QLD-government owned retailer, part of the Energy Queensland group, who will purchase 100% of the electricity generated by the project.